3 Sept 2013

Fuji Origami 2.0 Folding Bike

For city commuters who bike to work, the Fuji Origami 2.0 is worth checking out. A two-folded bike, it easily and quickly folds and unfolds, thus making it convenient to pack and carry. Being a road focused folding bike, it is light to carry, its portability and flexibility making it a good option for those who have been wanting to travel on the metro with their bikes or even to other cities. It comes with road specific tyres; Shimano Sora 9 speed group set; quick release Wellgo pedals; an aluminum alloy frame; and aluminum alloy front fork.
According to Prateek Gupta, an experienced rider who went on a test ride, "It is very light with the easy handling of a normal road bike. Its smooth ride doesn't feel like one is on a folding bike" The only downside he feels is that it doesn't have quick release tyres and could have been priced a bit better. In Rajesh Girdhar's opinion, it's a good folding bike for city commuting with easy maintenance and easy handling, thus making it.a great option for a second bike owner. Being road focused, there's just a mere 10% lesser speed than that of  a regular road bike. I found it a nifty folding bike option, ideal for city commuting. It has great geometry, its sleekness  and components offering a  smooth and swift ride. Being light and flexible, it is easy to carry or fold into a bag if you don't want to leave it parked outside. The yellow color offers it great visibility and presence. Definitely worth checking out.                                          

frame aluminum alloy frame
front fork aluminum alloy
chainring group LASCO RCF1248SDGA5
flywheel Shimano the CS-PROPERTIES OF HG50-9
brake group TEKTRO R-316
brake handle TEKTRO FL-730
Shifters SHIMANO SL-R440
front/rear derailleur SHIMANO SORA-speed
car handle KALLOY AL-006
driver vertical rod KALLOY AS-008
cushion lever KALLOY SP-248D
saddle VELO VL-2071
Pedal WELLGO C089 

wheels ALEX R450 the RIM / JOY of
DURO DB-7043

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  1. just bought my fuji origami 1.1 2015 model, can't wait to ride it