5 Apr 2013

The Bike Timeline

  • 1791 The first reported plank-with-two wheel on which the rider sat and propelled by thrusting feet on the ground.
  • 1817 Baron von Drais makes the front wheel steerable. The Hobbyhorse is invented and is a huge success as a novelty.
  • 1839 Kirkpatric MacMillan of Scotland attaches treadle and cranks to the rear wheels to 'invent’ the first two-wheeled vehicle. It's not well received at all. MacMillan is credited now to be the inventor of the bicycle.
  • 1863 Pedals are added to the front wheel. The Bone-shaker is launched. Riding velocipedes soon becomes a fad.
  • 1865 Radial (and torsion) spokes are introduced making bicycles lighter.
  • 1869 Solid rubber tires are introduced in place of iron tires. The term “bicycle’ is first used.
  • 1870 Tangential spokes are used replacing radial and torsion spokes. No major change since then.
  • 1872 Tall-ordinary or the Penny-Farthing makes an appearance in England.
  • 1888 JK Starley invents the Rover safety bicycle.
  • 1889 Pneumatic tires are first used. The development of the basic bicycle is complete.
  • 1896 Coaster brakes invented.
  • 1899 Mile-a-minute barrier broken. Murphy completes a mile in 57.75 second.
  • 1903 Bicycle mechanics Orville and Wilbur Wright invent the aeroplane.
  • 1965 Conservation movement and physical fitness buffs recognize the importance of bicycle and a bicycle boom begins.
  • 1972 For the first time ever, bicycles outsell cars in United States of America.
  • 1980 Disc wheels are introduced in competition bicycles to reduce the aerodynamics drags  due to individual spokes.
  • 1985 Bicycle speed exceeds 150 miles per hour. John Howard sets the speed record at 152.28 mph.

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