4 Apr 2013

1st Bike Trick Film, circa1899

The First Bike Film
This is rare footage of the very first bike film. Thomas Edison made this short film in 1899, which shows men doing bike tricks. Its description reads:,‘Neidert,’ of national fame, does stunts on his wheel that are simply wonderful. Makes his  bicycle rear up, and rides around the stage on his back wheel; besides a lot of other easy things, such as riding on one pedal and riding backward, seated on handlebar.”


  1. Nice find. Brought back the memories of childhood when i was afraid to ride a full size bike , used to just stand on the pedal and push the ground with other foot and enjoy the ride.

    1. Thanks Amandeep...yes, it's amazing how one can relate to it more than a century later : )

  2. Wonderful find , brought back the memories of childhood when i used to ride the bicycle standing on its pedal and pushing the ground by other foot.

  3. Replies
    1. So true Anju : ) and it makes us more imaginative...