19 Apr 2013

When a Cyclist Turns Journalist

This is a MUST watch for all cyclists who face the challenges of riding in traffic. We hope that it will motivate you all to push for Cycling Lanes in your cities. Let me give you a little background about this feature. 

the Cyclist: Amitabh Pandety.  
An astronomer by profession and a die hard cyclist by passion....frequently seen on the Delhi, Noida and NCR roads on his way to work...meetings...social engagements...and of course riding with his group, Noida Cyclists. A fervent supporter of Bike Advocacy, it made him take up the initiative to highlight the challenges faced by All cyclists due to the state of the existing and non existing cycling tracks in the NCR.

the Cycling Group: Noida Cyclists. 
Founded in Nov.'09, it's a group of cycling enthusiasts at the forefront of Bike Advocacy...whether by initiating people into the sport or by highlighting the issues faced by cyclists in a bid to create awareness and make a difference.

the TV News Channel: CNNIBN
Known for taking up the cause of the 'aam aadmi' and providing a platform for their issues to be heard and brought to the  notice of the powers that be. Kudos for being the first to recognise and project Cyclists Rights.

And now...the Cyclist Citizen Journalist feature...


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