11 Jun 2013

Important Notice !!

There have been two attacks on fellow Cyclists in the past 10 days. Both the incidents took place when the rider was alone. The attacks were deliberate and with the intent to cause harm. The perpetrators were travelling in cars and hit the cyclists intentionally. Thank god the riders escaped without any fatal injuries. 
It is advisable to not ride alone but if you must, then please be extremely cautious. 
Ensure that you are wearing your Helmet. 
Ride in the Cycle Lanes wherever you can.

Rider : Thomas K

10th June 2013
6.30 PM

"Today as I was riding my bike when a blue Indica almost ran me down deliberately. It was 6.30 PM The incident took place just past the traffic light near the dnd flyway towards Akshardham. There were four louts in it. They laughed as they nearly pushed me into a bus that had just turned off the dnd onto the road and was on my right. Only the grace of god saved me.
*Missed noting the car number !! Was too shaken... Reported it though the Police didn't seem to care!"

Rider : Divin S

31st May 2013
8 PM

"On Friday evening, around 8 PM near Pari Chowk, some hooligans driving a car hit Divin from behind while he was riding.It was an intentional hit and not an accident.They made some racist comments before hitting him. He was seriously injured and was admitted to a hospital by an auto driver. He was in hospital for three days and the Doctors have asked him to take 2-3 weeks of rest. He lost his phone, so was not able to contact anyone. The Police came but did nothing as usual. He said the the helmet saved him from a severe head injury."

Please Ride Safe folks!

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  1. hi can i get his details to proceed ahead. we have a group who will help him