13 Aug 2013

AMU VC Hit By A Speeding Car While Cycling To Work

Aligarh Muslim University Vice Chancellor Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah seriously injured while cycling to work

ALIGARH, AUGUST 13, 201/3.  Aligarh Muslim University Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen. (retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah received serious injuries on Tuesday when a speeding car deliberately hit his bicycle on the campus. Shah has launched a drive to popularize cycling within the varsity campus following the ban on motorcycles in all residential boys' hostels. He had announced that he will use a bicycle for commuting within the university campus from August 1 with the objective of promoting a green campus and reviving the past tradition of AMU where bicycling had traditionally been the main mode of transport within the University campus till the 1980s. The drive for use of cycles had twin objectives, primarily for economizing the funds and  promoting cycling as a healthy exercise.

    photo courtesy AMU
    The vice chancellor, who daily cycles to his office, was near University Guest House No.2 when the red coloured car tailing him, deliberately hit his cycle and tried to push him to a side. The driver escaped from the scene along with the car, which had the registration number UP81-AP-8802. Shah was taken to the J.N. Medical College Hospital where he underwent examination, which revealed that he had fractured his fourth and fifth ribs and his left knee was badly bruised and bleeding. Senior administrative and police officials also reached the hospital and inquired about the incident. Vice-chancellor's security guard Irfanuddin, who was only a few steps behind when the incident took place, has lodged an FIR with the Civil Lines Police Station.


    1. First of all respect for Zameer Uddin Shah for promoting cycling.
      Pretty sure those goons were angry men who did not like bicycle but bike which was banned.
      Hope he gets better soon, an on the cycle. :)
      Always remember what Gandhi said
      First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    2. I hope this incident does not deter his resolve and I hope that the miscreants are caught and thrashed royally. An increasing number of such incidents are taking place with motorists abusing and attacking cyclists

    3. Dear Zum,
      First, great promotion of health and pollution control through the use of bicycles. Second. get well soon and get on that bike once again to show whoever it was who knocked you down (and his ilk) the tough and no-nonsense stuff that you are made of. Dilip & Neeru Desai