8 Aug 2013


5.30 AM, Thursday, 8th Aug'13
Finally, I broke the jinx and went for a morning ride! Late last night I came across this picture while surfing the net and the sheer simplicity and directness of its message got to me. Although I slept off just the same as any regular weekday, something kept me from falling into a restful slumber. Maybe the fact that I hadn't been able to start my morning rides ever since relocating since the past few months was gnawing at me deep down and I could no longer justify the many excuses that I had been making for this state of affairs.

The fact that my bike was currently in the process of being repaired at the LBS, the incessant rain and the fact that always having had ridden in a cycling group, the idea of solo riding was taking time to take root...made my reasons feel fully justified, mind you! So, when I came across the words, "Eat, Sleep, Ride Next 2 Days" it was just the trigger required. I HAD to ride, period! None of the excuses mattered.

It was a restless night spent tossing and turning, almost waiting for dawn. I found myself wide awake at 5 AM, raring to go. I knew that I had to get out even if it was to be on a beat up old Hercules on my ride to liberation. Salute to the power of motivation friends...Carpe Diem!! 

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