21 Aug 2013

Highest Speed on a Bicycle!

World Speed Record for Cycling 
October 3, 1995, Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg pedaled in the slipstream of a dragster at 167.044 mph (268,831 km/h), a World Speed Record for Cycling that still stands. He was 50 years old at the time and still is the world’s eldest professional cyclist.
Fred Rompelberg,

Maastricht, the Netherlands,
Age 49 (1995), height 6 ft, weight 170 lb;

Eldest professional cyclist in the world,

Current holder of the Absolute Speed World Record Cycling

with 268,831 km/h.

    The photo shows Fred during his successful world record attempt on 1995-10-03 on his special bicycle behind a dragster of the Strasburg Drag Racing Team on a dried up salt lake, the so called Salt Flats at Bonneville near Salt Lake City in the federal state of Utah in the USA.

Specifications of bicycle
Design:           Dave Tesch, San Diego, San Marcas CA.
Built by:          Dave Tesch, San Diego, San Marcas CA.
Cost:              US $ 12,000.-.
Gears:            Double reduction gearing,
                       primary built by Cook Brothers,
                       70/13 teeth - 60 / 15 teeth,
                       covering 114,2 ft distance with one pedal system rotation
                       (fourfold of a normal 10-speed gearing).
Wheelbase:    57 in (average of a normal race bike is about 40 in).
Saddle:           Leather, manufactured by Brooks.
Brake:             Shimano "Cantilever" type on rear wheel only.
Fork:               Special Italian racing fork,
                       designed to provide suspension travel at high speeds.
dampener:      Motorcycle type.
Wheels:          Special aluminium rims, - hubs and - spokes;
                       18 in diameter for lower centre of gravity
                       (average of a normal race bike is 27 in).
Tires:              V-rated motorcycle road racing slicks,
                       capable for more than 150 mph.
Weight:          Total of 43 lb.

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