11 Jul 2013

Bike Dates: TOT


Event: Tour of Tigers
Category: Endurance Cycling
Date: 5th - 12th Oct
Location: Terai  
Details: 8 day Tour with competitive time trial sections. 
Route: Starts from Tiger country Jim Corbett National Park and climbs into the Shivalik Range of Himalayas.

In conversation with the Tour Organizers - FAQs 

1. What kind of training should be done to prepare for the Tour?
Ans: The rider need to focus on doing hill repeats. If the same is not available, do at least one 80-100 km ride every week to build endurance, besides riding 25-30 km on other days.  If rider is on the heavier side, losing weight would help. Off the bike - squats and lunges are a good exercises to do. Building core and muscles will surely help by giving more power and less pain. Three months is a good time to start from scratch and be able to finish the tour like a tiger. 

2. What is the terrain going to be like? 
Ans: Tour of Tigers is entirely based on Hilly terrain with good roads through and through, leaving some average tarmac patches. This makes it friendly for all Road bikes, Hybrids and MTBs. 

3. Are any specific accessories needed for the bike?
Ans: While no special accessories are needed, one must carry spare brake shoes, tubes and if possible tyres. The bike must have a front light and a tail light.

4, Who all are eligible to ride?
Ans: While all individuals who are 18 years and above are eligible to ride, given the riding challenge, it is strongly recommended that one comes with ample preparation and/or experience.

5. What are the weather conditions expected? 

Ans: October is a pleasant 20 degrees in the day time and around 10-15 degrees in the evening.

6. Is there any time limit involved to finish?  

Ans: The daily ride would start between 7- 8 AM till Sunset, with around 10-11 hrs to finish the day's ride. The ones who are unable to finish, will be picked up by the support team.

7. How are the roads of the Tour?  

Ans: 95% are good tour roads, including new and old Tarmac. The region of the Tour has stayed unaffected with the recent flood in Garhwal Hills. There are a few places where the Tarmac is old or the road has patches and potholes but all of these sections too are doable on a Road bike. Do note that part of the Tour is on the Hilly National highway with wide roads and moderate/thin traffic, and part of the tour is on State/District roads with narrow width and thin/surprising traffic.

8. What kind of food and accommodation will be provided during the Tour? 

Ans: Tour of Tigers is an event for and by cyclists. The team understands the importance of proper nutrition and rest needed during such multi-day events. There will be time bound Buffet Breakfast and Dinner and packed lunch during the ride, besides ride time nutrition and beverages. Accommodation will be shared and will be in good properties/resorts. Wherever possible, option of upgrading to single will be made available. This option can be selected during the registration.

9. What kind of support can one have during the ride?
Ans.Tour of Tigers  is an organiser supported event. This means that riders will have limited access to organising vehicles to keep/retrieve their stuff. Besides this, the riders are allowed to have a personal support vehicle, which can meet the rider as needed, but will never be allowed to trail or lead the rider. Towards the end of the day, a sweep vehicle will pick the riders who are falling behind the time controls. No exception will be made for any rider in this case. The tour orgnisers will take care of luggage movement and room allocation during the tour, unless its managed by the rider's support team. 

10. Will there be any prizes given?
Ans: Yes. There will be prizes for the Time Trials and over all finish sections.


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