8 Jul 2013

The Patron Saints Of Cyclists


                                                              Italy: Madonna del Ghisallo
Madonna del Ghisallo is the patroness of cyclists', as proclaimed by Pope Pius XII during the 1949 Giro d'Italia. The greatest riders in the world like Coppi and Bartali have given their bicycles and jerseys to the church by way of thanks for winning races. Giro di Lombardia (Lombardia 's Tour) is the last race of World Cup and even if they change the route, it always includes Ghisallo.
France: Notre Dame des Cyclistes
An 11th-century chapel has been dedicated to the heroes of the Tour de France since 1959. Father Massie had a self-confessed passion for the Tour de France and followed the example of the Italians with La Madonna del Ghisallo. He went to the Vatican to receive the authorisation from Pope Pius XII in person and the official inauguration of the chapel took place on Whit Monday 1959.

                                                            Spain: Our Lady of Dorleta

For Spainish cyclists, Nuestra Señora de Dorleta is considered the patroness of cyclists. On 26 October 1958, the Coronation of the Virgen de Dorleta took place in Arlabán, in Basque country.

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